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Five Star RatingYup…the reviews are TRUE! This is the first time I went to them ever. I was very impressed with how friendly they are and impressed with their service / price. I am in the customer service field and know this family business is GREAT !! GOTO Callahans for your auto repairs!!3/8/2011

Five Star RatingCallahan’s fixed my Mustang that other shops could not discover what needed to be done. The Mustang stalled when entering a freeway on-ramp, which was dangerous and frustrating. After another name brand shop tried three times and charged good money, they said…there was nothing wrong with the car! Callahan had it for a couple days, fixed it, and charged reasonably. Thank you!12/30/2010

Five Star RatingHonest and competitve. Think about it, have you ever got scare to bring your car to a garage and wonder if they tell you is all true? I had few situation where thet told me that somethin may need to be repair in the future and it doesnt need to be done immediatly. I was able to put money asside and go back to get it fix. I shop around few time to compare and they alway s been right on with prices as well. I went there because someone was please with their service. I have been using Callahan’s Auto Service for more then 7 years and never got disappointed….10/19/2010

Five Star RatingWhen my Woburnite wife and I were moving from upstate NY to Woburn, I asked her where we would get our cars serviced. She knew about Callahan’s Auto Service and so we gave Jake and Holly a try. That was 12 years ago and I fully expect that we’ll be customers for as long as they’re in business or as long as we own cars. We have been extremely pleased with their service, honesty and excellent customer care….9/30/2007

Five Star RatingVERY HONEST!: Look before you take your car to your local dealership, call them to get a price. Then take it to Jake Callahan, he will give you an honest opinion and if he can’t get you a better price he’ll tell you up front! This guy is not only very good at what he does but as a Christian he lives his values and cares about his customers. His lovely wife Holly is as sweet on the phone as she is in person…. this is a great team!…12/29/2006


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5 04 2011
Corinne Battle (12:27:03) :

Callahan’s Auto Service is an excellent place to have your car repaired or maintained. I highly recommend them to anyone needing an auto mechanic in the Woburn area.

8 09 2011
Heidi Lee (14:40:51) :

I have been a customer of the Callahans since the early 1980’s and never have had any issues with the work the team has performed on my vehicles. I can call Jake and say my car is making this funny noise and describe that funny noise and Jake knows exactly what I’m talking about, that is amazing if you ask me. A few years ago I moved from Woburn to Salem NH, not wanting to drive to Woburn for car repair I checked out a few local mechanics that were highly recommended by neighbors….NOT… I will not go into my tales of car repair woo in NH but needless to say I don’t care if gas goes to $5 per gal I will still drive the 25 miles to Callahans. I want my car fixed once the right way.
Thanks to the gang at Callahans Auto

19 08 2013
Linda Flynn (10:26:57) :

This was my first time going to Callahan’s Auto. I was having problems with my A/C- I called them 1st thing, brought it down & was out there very fast. Very pleasant & friendly place. I’ll be going back. Good places are hard to find these days.. Very reasonable also. Thank you Callahan’s

11 09 2014
kathy white (18:06:39) :

I had a wonderful experience at Callahan’s Auto Service Center! The technicians were very knowledgeable and included me in the inspection of what needed to be done. I highly recommend Callahan’s Auto Service Center.

29 09 2014
Dan (15:19:36) :

This place is great. I needed some brake lines, and they did a good job diagnosing the problem and only fixing what needed to be fixed for a reasonable price. With no appointment, they had the car from about 10am-4pm and they also gave me a ride to and from the shop so I could work from home all day so I didn’t have to miss out on a day’s pay. I do IT admin work, so as long as I’m at home I can get most things done that I can at the office. Since my girlfriend, son, and I were in a single car situation at the time, it was nice to have a place that was willing to give me a ride for free.

They really are a family owned business. The wife was the receptionist and the lady who gave me a ride, the husband was the head mechanic, and their son also worked for them as a mechanic. They were all very friendly and knowledgeable, but not in such a way as to be fake and scam me. The father joked with me about me not going to get my brake light looked at sooner. 🙂
I thought the problem was related to the e-brake sticking since I could get the light to go off if I messed with the e-brake, by jiggling it and turning it on and off a few times. I found out when it was too late that the problem was with some of the brakes lines so I had to get the car towed. Fortunately I was in my driveway when I lost all braking pressure getting ready to leave for work. Having it towed with AAA, was also no big deal.
I came across this place by accident because the guy from AAA asked me where I wanted to have the car towed to and I told him I had no idea but I was looking to get a fair deal and trying to avoid the toyota dealership if possible since my car is so old.
I grew up in Western, MA, have spent some time living in Madison, WI, and now I live back in Woburn, MA. The first place the AAA tow truck driver suggested said they could not help me with a loaner car or give me a ride anywhere. They also said that they were probably too busy to get the car fixed that day. I was considering just calling the toyota dealership but the tow truck driver thought for a while and remembered Callahan auto. I called them and the lady said it would be no problem to get me a ride and she said that they would try their hardest to get my car fixed that day,
There was no real organization or technology that you might expect from AAA. The tow truck driver was nice, but I had to look up the places that he suggested on my smart phone. Fortunately this driver knew of the local shops in the Woburn area.

As for Callahan, they also told me all the other little things they noticed that was wrong with my car since it is a 2000 Toyota RAV4 with 180k miles on it. They were supposed to call me and give me a quotes on the other parts, but they never ended up getting back to me. I didn’t call them either though. They just said that there was a problem with one of the exhaust pipes leaking and a problem with my gas tank leaking near the top. They said not to fill the gas tank completely to prevent spillage.
A few weeks later the resonator pipe disconnected from my muffler so I had to get that replaced. I was visiting my family in western MA so I had it done at Meineke. I’m not sure if this was the same part Callahan was telling me about or not. They just said it had a hole in it, not that it was going to break off, but who knows.
Anyway, the car has since passed inspection, so the small leak I have with the gas tank wasn’t noticed by the place I take my car to get it inspected and the exhaust is fine too apparently

18 02 2015
Ann-Marie Ford (08:12:11) :

All the reviews are true. They are honest and friendly. What impressed me was how they took the time to explain what went wrong and even brought the broken part out to show my daughter and I how it works, or is supposed to work. Most mechanics that I have dealt with in the past, do not take this time to do this, especially to 2 women. Very reasonable prices and fast service with excellent communication.

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